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Did you know swimming exercises are low-impact but can still help you build strength?

Are you looking to try water workouts? In this guide, we’ll go over some low impact exercises to try out in the pool.

1. Engage Your Entire Body

Stand in shallow water and face your lane. Keep your hips square and step back, so your left leg drops, keeping your knee a few inches above the pool floor. The water should reach to your shoulders or chest.

Stretch your arms out to either side. Make sure your palms face forward, and your arms are below the water. Push your arms through the water until your palms touch. Extend your arms back to their original spot.

You will feel your upper back and shoulders working hard. Try and engage your core, hips, and legs.

Aim to complete four 30-second sets. Take a 15-second break after each one, switching from each leg every time.

2. High Knees in the Pool

With this exercise, you’ll stand at a spot in the pool where the water meets your chest. Raise your right arm forward and lift your left knee at the same time.

You’re going to lift your knee as if you were marching. Raise your right knee as your left knee lowers, and lift your left arm. Make sure you move sideways through the water instead of forward or backward.

March for 30 seconds in one direction. Complete the next set in the other direction. After, take a 15-second break. Try and complete two sets in both directions.

3. Shuffle Sideways

Pick a lane and make sure the water meets your chest. Lift your left leg and take a massive step toward the left side.

Drag your other leg to the side with the weight on your left leg. Keep taking big sideways steps. Let your left leg shift your body to the side. Move as fast as you can with this exercise.

Switch directions and start a new set toward the right side. Make sure to finish two 30 second sets in both directions. You’ll end up completing four sets. Take a 15-second break between your sets.

4. Twist to the Left and Right

Stand in chest-high water and spread your legs apart a bit. Extend your arms forward and make sure both palms press together.

Next, use your hips and legs to create the movement. Twist at your waist while pushing your arms through the water at a horizontal angle.

When driving your arms through the water, rotate to the left and then the right side at around 180 degrees.

Complete four thirty second sets. You can take a 15-second break between the exercises.

5. Run in the Water

Get into a position where the water reaches your chest. Next, you’ll sprint down the length of the pool as fast as you can go.

When you get to the end of the range or a certain depth, turn around. You will have extra water resistance when you sprint this time around.

Repeat this exercise for up to five minutes. Rest when you need to between sprinting. 

You can try these workouts in any body of water. If you’re on a Boat Charter, stay in shape with these exercises.

Try These Water Workouts

Are your joints too sensitive for high-impact workouts like running? Then instead, break a sweat with these water workouts next time you head to the gym.

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