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Do you love working out?

Well, you’re not alone. 61 million people around the US are members of gyms these days. That’s almost 1 in 5 Americans who lift weights, do classes, and work up a sweat in dedicates fitness centers on a regular basis.

It’s no wonder that COVID-19’s been so problematic for the gym rats out there! With quarantine restrictions imposed across the country, typical exercise regimes have had to be put on hold.

Thankfully, though, you don’t need a gym to get fitter, stronger, and healthier. A high-quality home workout routine can prove just as effective. The trick is building a routine that’s fit for purpose.

Want some help putting one together? You’re in the right place. Keep reading for 5 top tips on building the ultimate routine for working out at home.

1. Be Flexible, Get Creative

A whole host of exercises can provide reasonable replacements for most gym workouts. Think press-ups instead of bench-pressing, pull-ups in place of lat-pulldown, and body squats instead of box jumps.

Some gym-favorites are definitely harder to replace than others though.

For instance, finding a peloton alternative when you don’t own a home-exercise bike could be a serious challenge! The same goes for people who do heavy squats and deadlifts. Without the necessary equipment, it’s almost impossible to adhere to the same routine as usual.  

That’s where flexibility and creativity come in handy.

First, accept the fact that your usual workout may not be possible. From there, look for ways to replicate your favorite exercises at home. Peloton lovers could get a similar buzz from a home leg HIIT workout; for squats, you could do body squats with your partner on your back! And so on.

2. Set (And Adjust) Your Goals

As any gym-goer knows, it’s always advantageous to have fitness goals to work toward. The same goes for when you’re working out at home! They narrow your attention, keep you motivated, and give you a north star around which to orient your efforts.

Want to lose weight, build muscle mass, and/or get six-pack abs? Awesome!

Write those goals down. Be specific though! For example, rather than trying to ‘lose weight’, aim to lose a certain number of kilograms in a given time frame.

That way, you’ll have something explicit to set your sights on.

Of course, as an avid gym-goer, you might already have some goals that you’ve been working on. Now you’re exercising at home, though, consider adjusting them to suit your new surroundings. After all, somebody aiming for a 250lb one-rep max on the squat rack is unlikely to get there without a proper home-gym at their disposal.

It might be better to put that goal on hold, alter course, and aim for something new.

3. Find a Space to Workout

Our next suggestion is to find/forge a workout spot in your home.

Think about the most appropriate space for the task. More often than not, that might mean going into your living room. But not necessarily! Find somewhere with enough space to move in and sufficient ventilation to keep you cool.

Your bedroom, the garage, or the garden are all possible areas to consider.

Having this designated workout space is as much about the mental side of things too. A bit like the gym, you’ll start associating this location in your home with working out. The result?

You’ll be more motivated to do it and keep doing what it takes to reach your goals.

4. Decide When to Workout

Home workouts are notoriously easy to skip. After all, there’s nobody telling you when to do them and no set start-times that you’d have with group classes.

In other words, you’ve got nothing to hold you accountable. It becomes far easier to make excuses for not doing the workout as a result.

Setting yourself a schedule (and committing to it) will make a difference. You’ll know when you should be working out, which makes it harder to justify not doing it.

Furthermore, you have a legitimate reason to say no to invitations (be it for work meetings or dinner dates) that would take you away from your pre-scheduled appointment with pain. Without a set workout schedule, you may feel more inclined to accept any invitations that come your way.

5. Mix Things Up

One reason gyms are so popular is because they have such an array of equipment and machines. Having that much variety comes with serious perks- you can go along every single day and do a brand new workout!

Unfortunately, the same is unlikely to be true of any makeshift home gym you put together. With just your body and, perhaps, a few bits of basic equipment, it’s easy to get stuck doing the same exercises all the time.

That’s why it’s even more important to mix things up as part of a home workout program. Don’t, and your body will soon grow accustomed to what you’re doing; your gains will slow to a halt.

Teach yourself new exercises and invest in new home workout equipment. Play around with the number of reps you do and alter the intensity of your sessions. Change your entire routine every couple of weeks and you should continue to see the results you want.

Time to Build the Ultimate Home Workout Routine

Being stuck at home throughout the pandemic isn’t fun when you’re usually an avid gym-goer. With health-centers shut and your typical exercise routines off the table, it can be hard to know how to stay in shape.

That’s bad news when your hard-earned gains are on the line. Thankfully, home workouts can be an effective alternative while you wait for the gyms to re-open. But only when you design a home workout routine that actually works!

Hopefully, this post has helped in that regard. Keep the tips in mind and you’ll be back on track to hitting your fitness goals in no time. Would you like to read more articles like this one?

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