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Working out is never easy. Despite that fact, if you want the value of your hard work in the gym, you should always maintain a bunch of rules to get the most effective result. And whatever you do before and after your workout affects your body. There are lots of do’s to maintain, but the 5 THINGS YOU SHOULD NEVER DO BEFORE WORKING OUT are:

Never be on a full or empty stomach before working out

Working out with a full stomach will make you feel heavy and cause belly cramps. And with such discomfort, you will not be able to work out properly. You should always have your pre-workout meal at least 2 hours before if it’s heavy.

And as your body needs fuel for energy to workout, it is not supposed to function without energy. You must get a meal or some snacks like nuts or fruits at least 1-2 hours before working out to avoid having an empty stomach. 

Never get an unbalanced sleep before working out

Working out requires energy and sour body cells to recover and restore energy when we take rest. So it is a must for you to have a balanced amount of sleep for you to get the most effective results for your workout. A powernap of 20-30 minutes can increase productivity and focus for your workout. But oversleeping on power naps will reverse the good effects and make you feel dizzy and sleepy for the next couple of hours. And that’ll obviously ruin your workout hours.

Never do bouncy stretching before working out

Stretching has always been the proper thing to do before weightlifting or working out. But before working out, when your muscles are cold and you do some bouncy stretches to dive into weightlifting, that intensifies the risk of having muscle pull or strains.

Avoid HIIT cardio and have a simple warm-up

HIIT – High-Intensity Interval Cardio is basically a form of doing intensive cardio until you can’t do more. So if your goal is to lift weights, you should definitely avoid HIIT cardio. As you most probably won’t get enough energy for your weightlifting sessions.

Instead, it would be best if you did a simple warm-up, including a sustained cardio workout like skipping, cycling, pushup, pullups, etc. That’ll preserve your energy for weightlifting sessions and also make your body ready for the next workouts.

Never take alcohol or nicotine before working out

Consuming Alcohol before workouts can make you feel warm or energetic, but initially, it dehydrates your body and muscles and as it is on your nerves, you’ll have slower reflexes that can lead you to injury. So make sure you are sober and properly hydrated before having the weight plates on.

And nicotine may raise your heart rate, but it makes your blood thicker with tar and carbon monoxide (When smoked Cigarette), which may cause narrow arteries. That ultimately causes your muscle cell and other organs to be deprived of oxygen. 

So it would be best if you were Alcohol and nicotine-free before working out. And if you can’t control smoking, you should shift to vaping. So you will be able to choose an e liquid containing a lesser or no amount of nicotine compared to traditional smoking. Many fitness beginners can hurt themselves by not preparing properly before a workout, and it can lead to long-term, serious injuries

Hopefully, if You maintain a proper diet and “Not To Do” things mentioned above, you’ll be able to achieve your fitness goal sooner and do a better performance at the gym. So if you want to have a spectacular physique, say no to cheating on these “SHOULD NEVER DO” suggestions!

Adam Legas

Adam Legas

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