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For many individuals and their families, the drastic effects of drug or alcohol abuse are all too real. Addictions lead to lost time with loved ones, cause turmoil in careers and social life, and may also serve as a precursor to tragic accidents or death. Fortunately, when an addict makes a decision to end the vicious cycle of self-torment and become sober or drug-free, there is a chance for a brighter future with a new beginning. If you or someone you care about has an addiction that is ruining the chances of happiness and normalcy, here are five reasons that breaking a drug or alcohol dependency may lead to a better lifestyle.

1. Without drugs or alcohol in your system, you will look and feel healthier

Alcohol acts as a diuretic and dehydrates the skin; abusing drugs may also cause issues with one’s complexion and increase the risk of acne and other skin conditions such as eczema or rosacea. Once you become sober and clean, your complexion should become brighter and more hydrated, and your overall health increases as well as your self-esteem.

2. Spend more time with family and friends

Enjoy mending relationship and making new, positive memories with your loved ones as a sober or drug-free individual. If your friends also have addiction problems, encourage them to drop the habit, or seek new social gatherings to find friends without chemical dependencies.

3. Spend less money

Addictions are usually expensive – mentally, physically, and especially financially. Once you have ceased making those non-essential purchases, put your money to good use. Open a savings account to invest for retirement or take a well-deserved family vacation – the possibilities are endless.

4. Be happier

Although you may experience a temporary high from the use of some recreational drugs or alcohol, the euphoria is short-lived and quickly erodes to anxiety, depression, and stress. Many addicts also experience suicidal thoughts and tendencies. Once you no longer rely on the altered reality chemical dependencies provided, expect to have a better disposition instead of an emotional roller coaster of sadness and anger.

5. Rest easy

If you are like many addicts who have relied on alcohol or medications to go to sleep at bedtime, you have probably realized that while you may find yourself falling asleep quickly, you often wake up prematurely and endure a restless remainder of the night. Luckily, quitting drug or alcohol abuse means that your brain patterns and internal clock return to normal. While you may incur a few nights of tossing and turning in your bed during the transitional phase, those soon fade and the future is full of many nights of peaceful rest. Not only should you enjoy a better slumber, but your memory is sure to improve as well as your overall demeanor throughout the day.

The Bottom Line

Overcoming addiction is often a lonesome, cumbersome journey. Fortunately, help is available. Contact Delray Beach rehab today to look forward to a better tomorrow.

Adam Legas

Adam Legas

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