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With summer approaching, do you feel an itch for fun in the sun? Summer sports offer outdoor excitement and an opportunity to stay healthy!

Stand up paddle boarding, as the name suggests, involves navigating the water with a paddle while standing on the board. You may know that this sport offers excitement and a unique view of the waterway. 

But, do you know about all of the health benefits?

5 Healthy reasons to Go Paddle Boarding

If you want a fun watersport that does not get too extreme, try paddle boarding! Read on to learn 5 health benefits of learning how to paddle board.

1. Gets You Moving

I can get easy to spend too much time sitting at your job, in the car, to relax at home, and even on the beach! But, this sport will get you up on your feet.

Keeping your body active also keeps it healthy. It prevents you from living a sedentary lifestyle which promotes better overall health with just 30 minutes each day.

Getting on a paddle board exercises your entire body! You engage your core and legs for balancing, and your arms and back for rowing.

2. Improves Balance and Coordination

Using a stand up paddle board requires you to center yourself and balance while paddling your way across the water. This helps you develop good balance and coordination.

Rougher waters make for a more difficult task. So, if you do not have a good balance, begin somewhere calm.

3. Promotes Weight Loss

If you want to lose a little extra weight or firm up your summer bod, get on the board! Paddle boarding burns about 305-430 calories an hour. Doing this regularly will get you in excellent shape.

4. Helps with Happiness

Mental health equals physical health in importance. When you exercise, the brain floods your body with endorphins like serotonin and dopamine.

This helps ease stress and provides a greater sense of happiness. Finding a beautiful area to paddle board in will only increase this benefit! 

5. Easy on the Joints

This sport offers a high-calorie burn with a low impact workout. You engage a ton of muscle groups without causing much stress to your ligaments and joints. If you suffer from shin splints or knee pain, give this sport a try.

Pro Paddle Boarding Tips

Use the following SUP techniques to make the most of your experience:

  • Position the board so the fins are in the back of you
  • Parallel your feet hip-distance apart
  • Face the bent portion of the blade away from you
  • Engage your core rather than overworking your arm muscles
  • Think of your body as a sail and work with the wind direction
  • Look straight ahead and not down at your paddles

It will take some practice to stand and move, but don’t give up! If you fall, and you will eventually, fall away from the board to prevent injuries.

Stand Up for Your Health

Start paddle boarding for fun, and keep doing it for your health! This sport will keep you healthy all summer long.

We want to help you stay out of pain. Learn how our athletes stay at the top of their game on our website!

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