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Do you dream about turning yourself into a long-distance runner who travels the country participating in marathons? Or do you simply want to start doing some long distance running on a regular basis to blow off some steam?

Either way, it’s important for you to learn how to run long distances before you get going. There are some tips you’ll want to keep in mind when you become a long distance runner and begin trying to figure out how to run longer.

Here are five great tips to get you going.

1. Start Slow

It’s impossible for a person to go from running zero miles per day to running five or 10 miles per day. Your body isn’t designed to run that far without the proper long distance running training.

It’s why you need to start slow—very slow—when it comes to long distance running. At first, you may have to alternate between jogging and walking to build up your endurance.

It’s important not to try and come out of the gate too hard. If you do, you could injure yourself and burn yourself out in no time.

2. Invest in the Right Sneakers

If you’re going to commit to running long distances at least a few times each week, you’ll need to have a good pair of sneakers to do it. You shouldn’t just walk into the store and pick up the first pair of sneakers from the “running” section.

Instead, you should look for sneakers that are specifically made for long distance runners. They’ll be able to provide you with the comfort and support you need to run long distances.

3. Stay Hydrated

Hydration is going to be key to your long distance running adventures. If you’re not properly hydrated at all times, it’s going to limit what you can do while running and potentially put your body in harm’s way.

Make sure you drink a lot of water in the hours leading up to a long distance run. There are also hydration packs for running that you can use to hydrate yourself as you run.

4. Train Your Mind to Want to Run

There will be times when your mind will tell you to stop running when you’re in the middle of a long run. It’ll try to convince you that your body just can’t go any further.

You should, of course, learn to listen to it when it senses that your body could be in real danger. But you should also train your mind to want to run farther over time rather than giving up every time running gets hard.

5. Have Fun

Almost 50 million Americans run regularly. Most of them do it because they’ve learned to love it and have a lot of fun doing it.

Make running fun and you won’t ever dread doing it. You’ll be able to put forth better running performances when you’re having a good time.

Give Long Distance Running a Try Today

It can take time to build up your endurance and run a mile, five miles, 10 miles, or more. But you shouldn’t let that stop you from giving long distance running a try.

Use the tips found here to start long distance running training. You can turn yourself into a long distance runner in a hurry by putting them to good use.

Get more health and fitness tips by reading through the articles on our blog.

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