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It used to be the only way your eyesight got worse was with age. As technology continues to evolve and as screen time increases, deteriorating eyesight affects everyone no matter their age.

On average, an adult will spend 34 years looking at a screen, making regular eye appointments a must. Keep reading to learn five of the most important factors to consider when picking eye doctors.

1. Impeccable Reputation

You wouldn’t go to a poorly reviewed restaurant and the same goes for your eye doctor. Ask your friends and family for references and review and always look online to see what strangers are saying about them.

For an example of a positively reviewed company check out They offer exceptional service in Auburn, AL, and have a great online reputation.

2. They Offer the Services You Need

If you’re looking to get eye surgery or just a general check-up it’s important that you’re picking eye doctors that do it all. If they don’t do it all they should have a vast network to refer you out to

If you’re planning on bringing children to the office it’s important to make sure the doctors also accept children’s patients. This is why it’s important to read online reviews so you feel confident in sending your kids there.

Check their website and see if you’ll be able to get everything you need to be done with them.

3. Displayed Awards or Certifications

Always check that your doctor is certified. Typically eye doctors will display their certifications and make it easy for you to verify they’re qualified. If they don’t however, be sure to ask for them so you know you’re going to be taken care of properly.

4. They’re Easy to Talk To

Your doctor should be easy to talk to and be understanding of your situation. If you can’t talk to your doctor about your eye issues, then who can you talk to them about? They should ask you general questions, but if you have a concern don’t hesitate to tell them about it.

If you feel like you can’t talk to your doctor then maybe they’re not the right doctor for you.

5. Using the Latest Tech

It’s not the 90’s anymore, and the right eye doctor should be using the latest technology. If you feel like the doctor’s office is a little old school it might be best to find a new one.

You deserve to be treated with the latest technology to give you the best care available.

Feel Confident in Picking Eye Doctors Today

Now that you know the five most important factors in picking eye doctors it’s time to make an appointment. If you have children it’s never too early to take them to the eye doctor especially if they spend a lot of time in front of a screen.

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