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Are you suffering from issues with your teeth? You may need a dental crown.

Dental crowns can fix a whole range of different issues affecting your mouth. If you’re wondering whether you need dental implants, we’re here to help.

Ready to find out more about the commons signs that show you need a crown? Then keep reading!

1. You’ve Had a Root Canal

Have you been to the dentist for a root canal? When a doctor drills into the center of your tooth to carry this procedure out, the structure of your tooth is left a lot weaker.

This is because a lot of your tooth will have been removed by the drill to get to the pulp in your tooth. This means that your teeth can chip or break when you’re eating, causing distress and potential pain.

A dental crown can help solve this issue. A crown covers the tooth, preventing it from harm. If you’ve had a root canal and are worried about the strength of your teeth, you may need a crown.

2. You’ve Got a Broken Tooth

Have you got a broken tooth? Broken teeth can happen for several reasons from fights to hitting your teeth on items, to eating something that’s too hard.

If you’ve got a broken tooth it could be affecting the look of your smile and could also be causing pain. The solution to this is a dental crown.

Install a dental crown over the broken tooth and you’ll be left with a beautiful smile, more confidence, and less pain. 

3. You Grind Your Teeth

Do you suffer from bruxism? This is where you grind your teeth and is often the result of anxiety or stress. Grinding your teeth can lead to damaged teeth and a sore jaw.

Grinding your teeth can also wear them down which can lead to pain and trouble eating. While a dental crown won’t stop bruxism in its tracks, if you’ve had treatment for it, it could restore your teeth to pristine condition. Be sure to see dental implants professionals before you have a crown added as a result of bruxism.

4. A Filled Tooth is Decaying

If you’ve got tooth decay affecting a tooth that a dentist has already filled, a new filling may not be possible. Instead, the best option may be to drill out the decay and then fit a crown.

5. You Need a Dental Bridge

If you need to have a dental bridge fitted to correct a dental problem, you may need to have crowns fitted to the teeth on either side of the bridge. Dentists use crowns like this to secure the bridge in place.

Think You Need a Dental Crown Fitted?

If you think that you need a dental crown, you should visit your dentist and discuss this with them. They may be able to fit one themselves or refer you to a professional who can.

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