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Once in a generation, a new technology is developed that is truly disruptive—that is, having the potential to displace standard practices and offers a quantum leap forward to those willing to implement it. NanoHydr8 uses one of these disruptive advancements in technology. It is called hydrozome or nanotechnology. We have seen amazing feed back from our customers and we want you to experience similar improvements in your fitness. Nanotechnology is defined as the production and use of particles 100 nanometers or less. (A nanometer, or nm, is one-millionth of a millimeter). Some very specific advantages occur by the use of nano-sized nutrients and supplements*. These advantages include:

1. Quicker Absorption: 

Most standard nutrients and supplements take hours to break down in the body. NanoHydr8’s nano nutrients begin to absorb instantly, allowing you to see a difference in your performance.  

2. Increased Bio-availability:

The body breaks down standard nutrients and supplements in to smaller particles. However, only a small percentage become small enough to move into the blood stream. The rest is pushed through the body as waste. Most companies utilize large doses of quick burning energy to have their customers feel a surge and tingle in hopes they will interpret this feeling as a benefit. NanoHydr8 absorbs completely into the body with no surge or crash. However, our customers notice substantial, sustained energy, more stamina and quicker muscle recovery than they have ever experienced before. 

3. Absorbed rather than destroyed

NanoHydr8 is not required to be broken down by digestive acids which changes the efficiency of some nutrients.   

4. Enhanced Performance 

You will notice a difference in your performance with NanoHydr8. We get an overwhelming response from our customers that let us know how impressed they are with their performance after using NanoHydr8. 

The end goal of NanoHydr8 is to enhance performance in all athletes by delivering nutrients quicker and more completely than any other product on the market. NanoHydr8 nutrients are suspended in water, allowing them to be absorbed, rather than destroyed.

There is no doubt that NanoHydr8 is utilizing a disruptive technology and will likely change the current thinking in sports supplements and hydration. NanoHydr8 only implements nanotechnology on supplements that have been proven effective over time.

*These statements have not been approved by the FDA

We encourage you to pick up NanoHydr8 today and see for yourself.

Here are 3 Ways to Try NanoHydr8. 

Adam Legas

Adam Legas

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