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You might think the human body is, at its core, the same. 

But one way in which our bodies vary is in the number of joints we have. Experts say that figure can fluctuate between 250 and 350, based on a number of internal factors. 

Now, let’s say a few of your hundreds of joints have started to ache. Or, maybe just want to learn how to improve joint health and get ahead of the curve. Either way, you’ll move more comfortably with stronger joints. 

Here are three ways to boost joint health. 

Improve Joint Health With Your Diet

Interestingly enough, what you eat can make your joints move more fluidly. 

Experts have found that certain foods improve the function of our joints. For example, if you work more coldwater fish — such as salmon — into your diet, you’ll get more omega-3 fatty acids. These compounds can reduce bodily inflammation, thus soothing painful joints. 

Lentils and beans have anti-inflammatory properties, as do the omega-3s in olive oil. Learn which foods can soothe your joints, then eat more of them to boost your overall health. 

Improve Joint Health With Exercise

Perhaps your regular workout routine hurts your joints. We’re not suggesting you stick to that. 

However, certain exercises — whether you go to the gym or perform a home workout — can actually enhance your joint health. 

For example, you can try flexibility exercises, such as yoga, to improve the function of your joints. Stretching and most aerobic workouts are easy on the joints, too. 

Meanwhile, if you want to stick with strength training, do it in a way that safeguards your joints. You might try lifting lighter loads or toning with the best resistance bands. Either way, more reps at a lower weight has less of a negative impact on the joints — and can actually help safeguard them for future use. 

Improve Joint Health With Your Posture

Finally, it might be time to improve your posture — it can do wonders for your joints. 

If you slouch or otherwise contort your frame, you could be putting undue pressure on certain points. That could be why your neck, back or knees ache at the end of the day. 

Stretching every day can help, so long as you stick to the plan. The more you stick to it, the better your posture will be — and the better your joints will feel. 

Feel Better From the Inside Out

Joint health is an integral part of your overall well-being. You can’t get out into the world if you are in too much pain to move. 

But if you take control of your exercise routine, diet and posture, you can make your joints feel better. And, once you improve joint health, there’s not much you won’t be able to do. 

So, get started today — and keep yourself hydrated throughout it all with NanoHydr8. Check out all of our products here

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