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Many of us want to live longer and healthier lives. Whether it’s to have more time with friends and family or more opportunities to travel the world, many of us seek healthier lifestyles in hopes that they’ll support a longer life. While we all know the importance of exercise and a healthy diet, it can be difficult to gain maximum health benefits on working out and eating well alone. While choosing to go for a run or eat your vegetables is the hard part, boosting your immunity by finding the right vitamins for you is easier.

HiLife Vitamins has been in the vitamin and supplement industry for over 50 years. Should you choose a trusted retailer for your immunity boosters, HiLife Vitamins if the perfect provider. Here are 3 Life Extension vitamins that are best for boosting your immunity:

Life Extension’s Buffered Vitamin C Powder

We’ve all heard about the importance of Vitamin C, but what makes it such a great resource for our bodies? Vitamin C works to strengthen our immune system and, in turn, keeps us feeling well. While found naturally in citrus fruits and green vegetables, it’s difficult for our bodies to consistently get the amount of Vitamin C for premium health through diet alone. Life Extension’s Buffered Vitamin C Powder works by supplementing your body with the Vitamin C it needs to keep your immune system healthy with a simple addition to your daily routine! 

Life Extension’s Vitamin D3 SoftGels

Do you ever feel “down” in the Winter months? That weak or fatigued feeling could be due to lack of Vitamin D that you naturally get from the sun. When your exposure to UV rays is limited, like in Winter, it can negatively impact our bodies’ abilities to create Vitamin D naturally. Life Extension’s Vitamin D3 works to provide your body with the Vitamin D it may be lacking. Like Vitamin C, Vitamin D works to keep your immune system and bones healthy; two key components to a healthier aging process.

LifeExtension’s Zinc High Potency Capsules

As we age, it’s easy to begin feeling less energetic than we once did. That can be, in part, due to our weakening metabolism. Zinc has been shown to support our metabolic health and immune system, ensuring that you stay stronger, longer. By supporting our metabolism, zinc ensures that we continue moving the way that we should. A healthy metabolism is the first step in leading a more energized life no matter your age. 

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