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1. Caffeine

Getting excited about an early morning or an after hours workout is hard for most people. You grab an extreme caffeinated beverage or slam a pre-workout supplement. Now you’re surging, jittery and ready to go into beast mode! You’re AMPED and out of your mind! Bring it on!

Caffeine helps most people become focused and get ready for their workout. However, getting the jitters isn’t what a lot of people want. To be honest, it freaks a lot of people out. Heart racing, legs bouncing and dropping from their high with a crash. 

NanoHydr8 utilizes caffeine to produce quick energy, bring the mind into focus and reduce DOMS (Delayed onset muscle sorenes). NanoHydr8 only uses100mg of caffeine that quickly burns out of an athletes system. At this point NanoHydr8’s special nano-energy blend steps in to provide continued, sustained energy, giving athletes the endurance needed to finish the workout. No crash and no jitters! 

2. Electrolytes

You are either cutting carbs or quickly burning through them. But did you know that reducing carbs also means reducing the amount of fluids and sodium in your system?

When you reduce your carbs your kidneys experience an increased water loss. With water loss comes sodium loss. Add the water loss from sweat after a heavy workout, and your body is losing a lot of sodium.

Your potassium and magnesium levels can also drop. The loss of fluids and sodium is a surefire way to bring on sickness and fatigue. Fortunately, the nano-electrolyte drink blend found in NanoHydr8 can help you minimize effects such as headaches, lack of focus, fatigue, and nausea. Does NanoHydr8 contain magnesium? Well yes, yes we do! This mineral and electrolyte plays a role in hundreds of enzymatic reactions, including those involved with muscular contraction, protein synthesis, and energy production.

3. Branched-Chain Amino Acids

Amino acids play an important role in building and maintaining muscle tissue. Every time you break down your muscles, you should be protecting them by sipping fluids high in branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). What is high in BCAAs? You guessed it, NanoHydr8! Not only a great source of BCAAs, but other amino acids as well.

Stop Taking these Supplements Separately.

Before most people workout, they grab a pre-workout and mix it in 8-12oz of water, then they drink a 12-24oz during workout concoction. Then they grab another 8oz of BCAAs fluid and chase it with a protein drink. That’s a lot of liquid! That amount of water is enough to throw off your electrolytes balance and give you a gut full of water during your workout. Not only is this weighing you down but it is also lightening your wallet.

Enhance your performance, keep money in your wallet and feel energized throughout the day. Order your NanoHydr8 today.

If you are new to NanoHydr8, try it out. 

Adam Legas

Adam Legas

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